I recently had one of my clients websites run into a rather interesting issue. The client is running a WordPress based e-commerce site using the WP e-Commerce plugin to run the store and suddenly no one could buy anything.

Adding a product to the cart worked fine, shipping rates came over fine but once you clicked purchase, the checkout page just refreshed. One thing I noticed right away, was that the shipping total was no longer carrying over to the total at the bottom of the checkout page.

I started doing some research on this issue. I first went to the WP e-Commerce forums to see if I could find something there. (As I side note, I really dislike their forum). Next I hit up the Google Machine and what do you know? I found quite a few people having the same problem. After a few hours of chasing rainbows looking for me pot o’gold, I gave in and emailed Greg at ECS Quest looking for help. You may be wondering at this point, who is Greg? Well, I kept coming across his posts where he was stating he had a fix but wasn’t giving up the goods. Also,  Greg is the guy that wrote the UPS and USPS shipping modules that come with WP e-Commerce. From what I can tell he is a great guy and he did a fantastic job with the new USPS and UPS shipping modules.

New USPS settings in WP e-Commerce

So, at this point, I still don’t know what caused this problem other than some updates in WordPress and or WP e-Commerce and I don’t really care at the moment because my clients site is fixed. It took me a few hours to get close to finding a solution which is why I am writing this. If you end up here in your search, contact Greg through his support system. Make sure you follow the instructions and if you are using UPS, upload the shipping file that is requested. Your other option is to leave me a comment below and I will see what I can do to help you out for a small fee. It took Greg about 24 hours to respond and that was after I sent a reply to the support request. He advised that he is currently overwhelmed with support requests and trying to finalize the code so it can come out in a WP e-Commerce update. Be nice to the guy. It goes a long way in Karma points. He will send you the files you need with instructions on how to set up the shipping because the settings are different now(see the picture).