It is Free for use

WordPress is Open source software.  This means can use it for free no strings attached. WordPress is built with Mysql and Php and these are both free as well. For all you that don’t know what you are doing you can hire someone like me to take care of this for you and with a word-press site I can give you a price that you can afford.

Quick to set up

With simple instructions you can have word-press up and running in no time. There are thousands of templates to choose from and a lot of designers now work with word-press. As long as you have hosting you can get a word-press theme up and running on your site in a matter of 15 minutes. If you do not have hosting they offer a WordPress option with hosting included

SEO Friendly

One thing that is great about word-press is the search engine optimization. Unlike flash built sites there is a great benefit to how your site will be ranked in search engines. They have worked in things like pings, track backs, comments and others to help also. I use word-press my self a lot and I feel that it is very strong for SEO and now they have plug-ins to help make it even easier to add key words to your content pages and site.

So Many Options

Between the thousands of templates you can pick from and thousands of plug-ins all your needs will be fulfilled one way or another. Whether you have a blog and an E-commerce site Word-press has something for you to help your online experience. The options are endless and it only keeps getting better with time. It is compliant with Web standards and kept up to date to ensure that your website is running and displaying the way it should.

Easy for a CMS set up

Another great thing about word-press is the option for users to update their content and links and menus without knowing any web design knowledge or having to learn a lot of software. Designers can set these sites up to fit your needs and then you can have a site that you can actually update and change on a daily basis.  A lot of templates now are built with CMS options also to ensure that you can edit your site after it is up and running.

What are you Waiting for?

Go out and start your WordPress experience blogging, selling or informing. It will basically sell it self and if you do it right it can be free… What else needs to be said? For custom WordPress sites and updates to existing sites or templates contact me and I will be glad to help you out.