Here I will show you two ways to use google fonts with your WordPress website.

1. The first way is to manually add the files to your site and css. First open the google font of your choice and choose quick use.

Google Web Fonts

Now in the left hand menu of your WordPress theme dashboard click on Appearance>Editor and then find the file header.php

Add the line of code that looks like this into your header

[php]<link href=’’ rel=’stylesheet’ type=’text/css’>[/php]
Copy the code into <head> of your HTML document. Next go to Appearance>Editor and then find the file style.css or whichever .css file the theme uses.
Use the next line of code in any css style that you want the custom fonts to show up. Example would be:
[php]#access a {font-family: ‘Plaster’, cursive;}[/php]
2. The second way to add the google font to WordPress is with the plugin Wp Google Fonts.
In the left hand menu of your WP Dashboard click Plugins>Add New then you can search for the plugin install and activate it.
Once activated go to your WP Dashboard and click the Settings>Google Fonts tab and this will open up the settings. From there simply pick the Google Font you wish to use and where.